Shake, Rattle, Smoothie?


There are many crazy diets that keep popping up.   Many of these “new” diets come and go,  all of them have something in common.   They are advertised as THE NEWEST!, THE COOLEST!, THE MAGIC CURE TO ALL THAT ALES YOU!!!!  But Lets be honest the idea that one diet will cure you does not work.  What you need to do   eating habits.   Research says that you should cut out or reduce; gluten (due to its inflammatory nature), Dairy (due to its inflammatory nature),  and Sugar (added sugar not from veggies and fruit but high fructose corn syrup etc.)   So as a person who is looking for a new diet what should you do?    I know that it is hard to go cold turkey into a crazy new diet with a lot of rules.    The best thing for you to start with is cutting out the highly processed foods.   These meals are frozen foods, packaged foods,  and highly processed white flour products.    Don’t worry about going organic at first,  just cut out processed foods.   Start out easy make smoothies!   Keep this in mind you can use frozen fruit and try to keep you smoothie simple.   My favorite one is one cup of frozen blueberries, one cup of frozen strawberries, one cup of spinach, and one cup kale.    This will make about 2 smoothies which you can use for breakfast or lunch.  These will not only help keep you full but it will also help you to get fruits and veggies into your diet quickly and easily.    Remember changing your diet is not about a short-term gains it is about changing a long-term habit to keep you healthy.

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