Hooked on Pokemon Go! 


So as many of you know I enjoy a good iPhone game.   When I heard about Pokemon Go I was afraid of two things.   First is that people were getting into traffic accidents and second I was afraid I would become terribly addicted to the game.  So I avoided the game until tonight, when my wife and I decided to both download it and go for a walk. So we started catching Pokemon and walking to parks to recharge on supplies.    Waking around foster city I was surprised  how many people I saw holding their phones, obviously playing.  But this is the first time I have seen a game that makes people become more active and as a chiropractor I think that is fantastic!  So add a few miles to your daily rout, be safe out there and don’t fall in a ditch.  

#chicochiropractic #chicofamilychiropractor #getoutandexercise 


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