Full Body Foam Rolling Class!

I had a great time working with Denny at Crossfit VCP on this video! They are great check out the amazing things they are doing here http://www.crossfitvcp.com/

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Do you ever get wrist or forearm pain?

Ever since I had my son I have had some form for wrist or forearm pain.  Here is how you can alleviate most forearm and wrist pain with the following stretches and chiropractic care at Lerner Chiropractic.

Hooked on Pokemon Go! 


So as many of you know I enjoy a good iPhone game.   When I heard about Pokemon Go I was afraid of two things.   First is that people were getting into traffic accidents and second I was afraid I would become terribly addicted to the game.  So I avoided the game until tonight, when my wife and I decided to both download it and go for a walk. So we started catching Pokemon and walking to parks to recharge on supplies.    Waking around foster city I was surprised  how many people I saw holding their phones, obviously playing.  But this is the first time I have seen a game that makes people become more active and as a chiropractor I think that is fantastic!  So add a few miles to your daily rout, be safe out there and don’t fall in a ditch.  

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