Movement Monday! Graston vs. Cupping!

When I treat my patients I use many techniques to help people recover and improve their over all function.  I adjustments to take care of the spine and soft tissue work to calm down muscles or rehab them back to full strength.   Cupping and Graston are my two favorite ways of treating muscles.  Find out the difference between the two in the video below!

Full Body Foam Rolling Class!

I had a great time working with Denny at Crossfit VCP on this video! They are great check out the amazing things they are doing here

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DIY Coconut and Almond milk!

I use almond milk every day in my cereal and in my sons bottle.   As I poured the milk last night, I looked at the side of the container and saw a bunch of ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce.   This got me thinking.  How can I make my own versions of this with no added preservatives.    I found this amazing video on how to make your own!    More videos like this at .

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